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Mid/Hi Level: Welcome


SE V SET.jpg


Elegant Old-School!

(Country/Pop, Latin/Fusion)

5 Cymbal Set: $299 + Postage!*

(14”HH,  16”Crash,  20” Ride,  and 10” Splash)

B20 Bronze

The De-vintage is designed with the discerning old-school drummer in mind. Having an even response across the harmonic spectrum with a slight emphasis on the lows. The sound can be characterized as warm, dense and just right side of dark. A more gentle and controlled option suitable for Pop, Country or Fusion, or as a high quality practice set.


Show Your Gentler Side

(All lighter styles of music.)

6 Cymbal Set: $359 + Postage

 (14”HH,  16”Crash,  18”China,  20” Ride,  and 10” Splash)

B20 Bronze

Handmade without hammering to keep the original sound of the B20 alloy. Polished surface enhances the brightness of the tone. Crashes with clear attack and long sustain. Ride with clear stick definition, warm, sweet and soft. Balanced pitch for all lighter forms of music.

DE 套镲附图.jpg
Mid/Hi Level: Products
AB S 套图.jpg


Versatile B20 Cymbals with Power and Expression

(Punk/ Metal, Alternative Rock, Country/Pop, Latin/Fusion)

6 Cymbal Set : $379 + Postage!*

[14”HH, 16”& 18”Crash,  20” Ride, 10” Splash]

B20 Bronze

The AB-Stage reaches a new balance in tone between bright and dark. Every expertly hand-hammered pin point adds to its unique sound characters with a sensitive response. AB-Stage is definitely an ideal all-round series for drummers searching for cymbals with flexibility and variation of tone. The sound can be characterized as warm, sweet, bright, fast cut and washy, but all the while maintaining clear definition.

AP SET.jpg


Metal All the Way!

(Metal, New Metal, Harcore, Thrash Metal, Doom)

5 Cymbal Set : $399 + Postage!*

5 Set (14”HH, 16”Crash,  20” Ride, 12” Splash)

B20 Bronze

The AP series is the result of CHANG’s search to fashion a cymbals tailor-made for the musically and physically demanding modern metal player. Thick, heavy, strong edges burst with energy. Ideally for doom metal, new metal, hardcore, thrash metal and other powerful applications.

fossil 2 types.png



(Country/Pop, Latin/Fusion, Jazz, Folk)

5 Cymbal Set : $399 + Postage!*

 [14”HH, 16”Crash, 18 Crash,  20” Ride]

B20 Bronze

Raw, dense surface, hand-hammering , sounds dry and earthy in tone. Volume low and lively. Available with either gorgeous burnished (right) or un-burnished (left) finishes.

Mid/Hi Level: Products


Chang’s Ultimate Professional Series!

5 set: $569 + Postage

5 Cymbal Set (14”HH, 16”Crash, 18 Crash,  20” Ride,)

Immortal Raw 10.jpg


Top Seller

The Immortal Raw is designed to salute Istanbul Epoch. Slightly curved edges, medium-thin weight and small bell size gives this ride a definite, high-pitched stick sound with a trashy, controlled wash underneath.


Featured Item

Countless small hammer blows create this thick and heavy cymbal. High profile and smooth curve on ride with extremely clear stick definition. Enhancement on the bell area gives a strong explosive attack followed by powerful trashy high pitched wash. Whole set designed for heavier music styles. Polished to a Brilliant mirror-like sheen.

Immortal B set.jpg
Immortal J 7.jpg


New Addition

The Immortal Jazz series is expertly crafted to replicate the sounds of older Turkish jazz cymbals. They are noted for fast response with lots of splash and upper frequency follow-through. Their body shape also generates low frequencies which can complement the traditional sound of a jazz or fusion orientated band.

Mid/Hi Level: Products



Due to the additional shipping cost we only send sets of cymbals. Even so, bear in mind that for the cheaper cymbal sets the postage price will have a proportionally bigger impact.  Shipping will normally take approximately 10 days. We will attempt to ship to any country on request. Postage rates vary over time and between countries. Please use the form link below, including your email and which set(s) you are interested in and we will respond with a full quote including postage to your country.


Because of highly variable shipping costs over time, and to different countries,  please use the form link below, including your email and your country and which set(s) you are interested in and we will respond with a full quote including postage to your country.

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